Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

So many things.   I am being transferred to Monte Plata.  It is about an hour north or inland of where I an now.   I don't know to much about it but I hear its very Campo (country). So I am guessing it is small in and the country.
 I am excited to get to the area with my new companion.  She is from Brazil. I've talked to her a few times before, she is very sweet.

I am so excited to go to my first new area. It only took me an hour to pack all of my stuff. 

This past week I was reading in "Jesus The Christ".   I read each part for his crucifixion and restoration on the days that they happened. It was very uplifting and testimony building,  I don't have time to explain it all you so you all need to go read it, but Jesus literally died of a broken heart. How amazing. I love this book so much.

I love the mission so much I am so excited for this new adventure!

I hope you all have a good week! I will put up some pictures next week.


Hermana Shepherd

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