Monday, April 4, 2016

Transfer #4

I am now in Monte Plata with Hermana Pereira, She is from Brazil and does not speak any English, so that's challenging. This area is huge and we have a lot of work to do. We had like no lessons this week because we had meetings and General Conference.

By the way, General Conference was amazing!   I got to watch it in English which is way cool. I wish every week was General Conference week. I love hearing from the apostles and having my testimony strengthened.  My favorite talk was by Elder Duncan (I think that is what his name was). I am going to print it out the first chance I get.

It is very, very hot in the DR and it will get hotter. woohoo...  We are so  far out in the country it takes like three hours in a guagua (bus) to get to our zone meeting. which is like 330 pesos total, which isn't much, but we dont get very much money.   There is a small branch here (like 20 people) so we are mostly working with the  inactive members trying to reactivate them.

I am doing great in the mission and receiving a lot of much needed strength from the Lord. I went to take a short nap earlier today and I was out for two hours. yayy!!!

Love you guys, hope all is going great.

Ps. I would love to get  letters in the mail from everyone so I can read them during the week to help build me up on those hard days.  Thanks!  My address is the same as it shows on the side of the blog.

Hermana Shepherd

Note from mom - the computer that is available for emailing on P-day will not let her upload her pictures so hopefully they can get it figured out so she can send some pics.  I attached a few of the area that I have found online just to give everyone and idea of where she is serving.

The yellow area is Monte Plata.

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