Monday, March 21, 2016

Semana Santa


So this week is Semana Santa, It's the week of Easter and they celebrate the whole week. From what I hear it's just a big party week with lots of drinking, so well see how it goes. 

This week was good.  It went by so fast again. Oh,  I hit my fourth month this week so that was crazy. It's all going by so fast. 

We had a Noche Blanca last night so all the people that were to be baptized in the stake got baptized. It was so amazing. We had an investagator for this date, but she fell through. She should be getting baptized very soon.

This is the last week before transfers, so I will figure out on Monday where I am going or if i am staying in Mendoza. I hope I stay here with Hermana Stoker. She is so great and weve got some really good people here. 

It seems that everyone here is getting sick, so I hope I don't get it too. One of the missionaries had a really bad fever and passed out while walking. He is better now. So far I feel great but my companion has a really bad sore throat. Nothing we can't handle. 

We went to the temple with some of our investagators on Saturday. It was so good. We had a member come with us that is preparing to go through for herself so she was able to get more information.

Overall, this week was great.   I put some pictures on dropbox of us at the temple, and one of the ocean.  It is so beautiful here. 

Love you all,

Hermana Shepherd

Me and Hermana Stoker at the temple.

Such a beautiful and peaceful place.

The ocean.  I live in paradise.

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