Monday, March 7, 2016


AHH this week was crazy!

We went to the temple on Wednesday. Wow, it was so pretty.

We got a new member in our companionship so we were in a trio for a couple of days. Her name was Hermana Lluberes. She is a mini missionary from the DR. She was only with us for a couple days, but she had to go home because she got really sick. We miss her a lot and its weird not being in trio now. 

This week was good. in general, I learned a lot. This has probably been my favorite week in the mission.
We have a lot of people getting ready for baptism and we don't really have enough time in the day to teach all of them. We are working so hard. 

I love the mission. Every second of it. It is so hard physically and mentally but it is so rewarding. 

Sorry I don't have pictures this week. I took a lot but I left my camera at the house on accident.   So sorry!  
Next week I will post some

Love you all and miss you bunches!

Hermana Shepherd

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