Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!  My favorite holiday!!
I hope you all have a great time and amazing costumes! This morning I dressed up as an average Dominican woman.  Pretty good.  I couldn't wear it outside, but that's fine.  This computer does not send pictures so I will send them next week.

We had two baptisms yesterday. Two brothers, Cristoffer and Jose Antonio.  They are so cute and the baptism went well. They were both so nervous. They are 9 and 13.

I woke up yesterday to find a great surprise of more than 200 magots on the kitchen floor (GAG!)  Its fine.
We own a lot of bleach. 

On Saturday we cleaned the font for the baptisms.  The font doesn't drain on its own anymore so when we got there it still had a foot of water in it.  We had to bail the water into the toilet in the girls bathroom using a garbage bin.  I put water in it and carried it up the stairs and my comp dumped it into the toilet. I could barely walk yesterday my body hurt so bad. But it was worth it since everything went perfectly for the baptisms

I don't think I have anymore to report.  Send me pictures of your halloween costumes!   I'll send the pictures that I have next week!

Have a good week!

Hermana Shepherd

Baptism of Cristofer and Jose

The two zones that participated in the Noche Blanca

Noche Blanca ( baptisms at the beach)  41 people were baptized this day.

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