Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Fall

I would like to start off by saying HAPPY FALL!!!
I can't tell it's Fall because its burning hot summer all the time here, but that's okay. I took out my Christmas music and reindeer leggings sooooo CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!   The time is going by very very fast.  I am going to hit an entire YEAR soon.  I am beginning transfer 9 out of 13. I am going to be staying with the lovely Hermana Castillo in our area.   We are both super pumped because we will be having a few baptisms and we didn't want to miss them!

We did have our Noche Blana. We had 41 baptisms at the beach of Bocachica. It was such a great experience. We sang hymns on the sand while all the people got in the water in complete white and were baptized. I don't have any good pictures because it was at night and you can't see anything with the camera but it was fun and very spiritual!

Everything else is good here. Everyone wants to feed us so that's a struggle for my waistline. :)

I have seen more dead animals on the side of the road than I ever have in my life. We did find some super duper cute adorable puppies that were left in a box on the side of the road. I wanted to take them home so bad. There are thousands of homeless dogs here.   It's really sad.

Also, there is a small child here that we are teaching. His name is Giovanni. I have never wanted to adopt a kid more in my entire life!   We are working on getting him baptized this next week! 

Everything has been pretty normal for the past few weeks! 

Love you all!
Hermana Shepherd

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