Monday, September 5, 2016


Bueno, this week was fantastic.

Tuesday we went to the capital. TACO TUESDAY IN TACOBELL and also KRISPY KREMES.  Then I did have to get a shot in my other hip. On the brightside, I feel awesome now.

This week was crazy. There were so many frecos, which means guys who catcall you from the street. Hermana Jackson gets them like crazzzy. It's hilarious. 

We are making juice everyday and I love it.  I feel so great!   FITNESSSS. We are still working on actually doing physical activity in the mornings but we end up just stretching.

We are going to complete two families in our area this month :) The familia de Jose Juan. Which is him, his wife (who we have to marry) and his three children. We are so pumped. We also have a husband and wife Jesus y Austria. I am so excited for them, but this is week six in this transfer and I'm feeling like I will leave this area. We will see if I will be here to actually see the baptism :(

It seems like all the new people that we have found only speak Creol, so teaching is really interesting. I am learning a bit of Creol. 

Great week with Hermana Jackson. We will know about transfers on Saturday. We are hoping that we will stay together again.

Love you all,
Hermana Shepherd

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