Monday, September 19, 2016

Ten months, new area, new companion

Transfers were last week. The week before I got transferred we got robbed.  Someone came during the night and reached into the open windows and took everything within reach.  They took my quad that I got for my baptism when I was eight with my patriarchal blessing and a few other things inside it and my camera cord, so that is a bummer.   Lesson learned, don't leave things by the open windows.

I am now in Los Frailes 2A with Hermana Castillo. She is super cute. She is from Panama. I am training her and she is doing great.  She speaks no English so I am sure I will lose even more of my English since I will have no opportunity to speak it.  She has the pink shirt in the pictures.  We live with two other Hermanas, they are great. 

This area is good.  It needs a lot of work.  We don't have a ton of investagators right now, but we will find some people!

For my ten months the other sisters surprised me with a cake thing. They were hiding in the bedroom and scared me super bad. 

One thing I studied this week. Moses chapter 7. I loved it. It shows how much our Heavenly Father loves us. You all need to read it.

Today we went to Tres Ojos. It's some caves that are very cool and  IT'S IN MY AREA.  I put the pictures and a video of it at the bottom.  Also, the ocean is in my area. Pretty cool. We can't go but I can see it when we proselyte.

Video from Tres Ojos Caves

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