Monday, April 11, 2016

Another week in Monte Plata

Hola!   This week was good. I had intercombios (exchanges) in Bayaguana with Hermana Taylor. Holy cow she is so fun. I love intercombios.  They help me see how other people teach and improve myself. 

We had a mini cosecha (harvest) yesterday. I went on intercombio with the Relief Society President.   She showed me where a bunch of less actives live and we were able to teach three lessons together. We had 20 people in church yesterday which is the average here. We are working really hard to reactivate people. 

We have no money!!!  We have to travel a lot to the other cities for meetings and such and we recently ran out of money, and we have to make it to Hainamosa on Thursday which is about 300 pesos. Yesterday, I made some homemade pancakes with some flour and coconut milk. They tasted like donuts. 

We are teaching a sister here, her name is Yuli. Her daughter died one month ago today. She was hit by a car. Very sad and very hard. 

We had to come in early a lot this week because the power was out and it was too dark. There are a lot of politics here which can get dangerous. We are very careful and very safe. 
love you all!!

Hermana Shepherd

I am working on getting pictures to upload with this computer so hopefully I can post some next week :)

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