Monday, January 4, 2016

I made it!

I am in the DR. It is way different than I expected. I am in a city right next to the capitol. The area is called Mendoza B. Its a lot like Mexico City, but smaller buildings. Everything is very close together. It's quite different from Wenatchee, hahaha.

SO, the water situation. The toilets dont flush really. You have to pour in water from a bucket and thats how you flush it,  manually. So thats neat. Our shower head doesn't work so we use a bucket and a cup. ALSO there is no warm water. Its okay though because I am so hot  that I would take a cold shower  even if I did have warm water.
I already have a tan line from my shoes.  NO sunburns yet, so WOOHOO.

No pictures this week because I dont have time to figure out how on this computer so lo siento but next week I will post some.

The flight here was pretty neat. I am like a pro at flying now. I got through by myself doing customs all in Spanish.

Haha, the Spanish here. I have no idea what is going on. I'm learning but its so, so, so different from Mexican Spanish. 

I haven't taken many pictures yet. I dont feel comfortable taking pictures on the street because I dont want to look too touristy .I did get some of my casa. It's quite cute and the scenery is great.  We work on our roof in the mornings during the sunrise. It's great. It is very, very, hot though and very humid. 

My companion is Hermana Meldrum. She is amazing. She is exactly what I needed to start out well. We are working hard every day. We did four visits on Tuesday. I got to the house at 3, unpacked and we left to teach until 9. 

I have extended 6 baptismal invitations so far and everyone has accepted. (when you know will you be baptized). 

So far not too many bugs. Its mostly flies everywhere. 

I miss District 13 A and I hope all y'all arrived safely and have loved your first week!

Okay, this is important. If you want to send me letters send them here:
Hermana Shepherd
Santo Domingo East Mission
Avenida Bolivar #45 (Casi Dr. Delgado)
(casi esquina Dr. Delgado)
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

but for packages send them here:
Hermana Shepherd
Santo Domingo East Mission
AP 000914
8532 NW 66th St.
Miami FL 33166
United States


Entonces. I am great, the DR is great. idk what more to say! Livin the life!

Hermana Shepherd

Hermana Shepherd  and Hermana Melendrum with President and Sister Corbitt

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Brian said...

I'm so glad you made it safely and have a great trainer! I know just what you mean that everything is so DIFFERENT! And wondering what language everyone is speaking (certainly NOT the Spanish I learned before coming!) I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...not in Kansas anymore! Believe it or not, the day will come when it will be HOME to you and you won't be able to step back and see how strange it all was when you arrived! I couldn't believe it when I stepped outside of a building and was actually happy to see thousands of flies, because I knew they meant that spring was coming! Enjoy these first weeks, and keep up the great work! With lots of love, Sister Wengreen