Monday, January 11, 2016


I am working on getting all my pictures in dropbox. It is a process on this computer. The internet is very, very slow today. So we'll see how this goes.

Im loving it here in the DR. The people are so, so amazing and loving. We are working so hard and have a few baptisms within the next month or so. 

Interesting fact, we get cat called every day at least five times a day.  So that's pretty fun. If we tell them we are missionaries they usually say,  oh sorry. 

I read  "Our Search for Happiness" this week and it was very, very good. If you haven't read it you should do so. I also read a talk called "Miracle of a Mission" by Elder Holland from an MTC devotional in 2000. It has helped me out a ton already.

Ahh. I am running out of time. Okay, my spanish is doing good. I can understand a lot of what people are saying now.

One fun thing, the milk here is boxed and its not very good, but you can't tell in cereal sooo, neato!

One more thing.  My pday might be on Tuesday next week.   We are hoping to get permission to go to the zoo and its not open on Mondays

I will talk again next week!   Love you al!
Hermana Shepherdl


My scripture cover I had made in Mexico.

My desk.

How to flush the toilet, fill the bucket and dump into toilet to flush.

View from apartment.

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