Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2 Months Already


So yesterday I hit my two month mark, so thats a fun time! 

I dont have much time so I'll just hit a few points,

First, Chinola is the bomb and also pear nectar. The food here is so great. We got a coconut from the store and the guy there cut it open for us and it was so sweet it didn't need sugar or anything!  For my cuplimes the hermanas surprised me with a pizza that was no joke the best pizza I've ever had. They are so sweet. I have been eating a ton of rice too. It's so good. 

I am so excited!!!   Okay, so there is a sister in our ward who isn't baptized because she doesn't want to get married.  She decided that it was time and she is planning to be married in time to get baptized for her birthday!! She is such a wonderful person. Dominican people are so great. We have a baptism set for the 31st with una mujer, Eli, she is so great. Her dad just got baptized last week and he has been such a strength for her, then we should have two more baptisms on the 6th. 

It's crazy this transfer is almost over. I am loving it though. Hermana Meldrum is a fantastic teacher. She is very patient with my Spanish, which is getting better everyday. I am able to say mostly anything I want pertaining to the gospel. Conjugating is getting easier and easier and I can use a lot more complex things faster without thinking about it.

We went to the zoo today and that was so so fun. We saw some big snakes in cages and some way big spider webs everywhere in the trees and such. I have seen a lot more spiders recently. I was sitting on the little terrace that we have eating my breakfast when I see a huge one right next to me hanging in the air.  I freaked out and threw my Liahona magazine and ran!  Then I came back to get my cereal and within one minute I killed three more spiders right there.   

I ate some sugar cane this week and it was pretty good. not amazing.  I would prefer oreos. or tootsie rolls. I have found oreos here but not tootsie rolls :( 

No pictures this week, but I will post some next week when I have more time.

Anyway, things are great, I hope yall have a wonderful week and I should be on again on Monday!!

Love you all!
Hermana Shepherd

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