Monday, March 20, 2017

I met an apostle!!!

This week was super good!!

Monday: Hermana Birch got her ears pierced (I talked her into it) AND we had a lesson with the A family. The dad, Nefi, is less active and his wife Alicia and daughter Leah are not members but they have so much potential. We taught them on Monday.  There always  seems to be so much oposition when we teach them but we always end up seeing miracles, I will talk more about them on Thursday.

Tuesday: WE MET ELDER NEIL L ANDERSON!!!!!! I got to shake his hand and everything. He gave us a lot to think about. It was incredible to be in the same room as an apostle. He talked about how there are two things that every convert needs.
1. To have a love for the savior and experiences with repentance. He taught that the people we teach should love the savior so much that even when we aren't there they still get on their knees and pray. 
2.  To gain a love for the Book of Mormon. That they read it and are putting time in to receiving it's knowledge. Then he talked about how we need to apply these two things into all of our lives so that we become converts forever. 

Wednesday: We had exchanges. I went with hermana Pelico to her area. She is the one that I lived with for almost four transfers. She is so cute. Everything went well!

Thursday: We had a training meeting instead of the regular district meeting. Hermana Birch and I had to talk. We talked about how we can work better with recent converts and less actives. Then in the nightime we had an amazing lesson with the A Family. Nefi wasn't there but Alicia recieved her answer!  She had a dream that she was standing with us next to church and there was a few other people.  She said that one of us told her that this was the true church and then she felt a huge peace come over her!!!  YAY!!!  She is going to get baptized but first they have to get married legally. Also Leah has a baptism date for the 15 of April :)

Friday: was a struggle.... I felt so sick all day long. We were having trouble finding people to teach, so we said a prayer.  Then we began to walk and I thought "hey we should go see Frank." and Hermana Birch said "I dont remember how to get to his house" so we walked a couple steps and the spirit said, turn right. so we did.  Then we walked a few more steps and Hermana Birch said "thats it!!" So we knocked on their door.  The whole time I was thinking how great it would be if I had some ginger to help my stomach.  We said a prayer with them and right after the prayer the wife looks at me and says "do you want some hot chocolate?" and our jaws dropped. "OF COURSE OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH" so Frank went to go make us hot cocoa and when he came back he said here you go, I also put a little bit of ginger in there for you" MY PRAYEER WAS ANSWERED SO SPECIFICALLY, MY FATHER IN HEAVEN LOVES ME:)  Such a great day. The lesson went really well as well :)

Saturday: We did a service project with the Relief Society. We went to a monestary and sang to some really old nuns. It was a good time.  

Sunday: MIGALINA CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!! YAAAAAAS!   We had a cosecha, where all the elders in our zone came and contacted in our area with members to help us find more people :)

Super good week!   I realized this week that I can't understand Hermana Birch when she talks in English now, only Spanish. She has to repeat herself like ten times in English and only one time in Spanish for me to understand. Haha!

Have a good week!
Love you all,
Hermana Shepherd

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