Monday, March 13, 2017

A super great week!

So this week was awesome. We had a couple miracles
First, we found Jessica. She is the sister of a recent convert who just left on her mission to Mexico. So now Jessica is opening up her heart to the teachings!   She came to church on Sunday and we asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said YES!!  Her baptismal date is set for the 25th.
We also have a family that we are teaching, Family Baez. They are a couple who have three kids and one on the way. Their oldest is a special needs and he is so cute. He is fourteen and while we are teaching he goes up to his mom and says "te quiero" which is I love you, and then kisses her on the cheek. So cute! We have had to push back their date a few times because we are trying to get them married.  There are some problems with their papers. Hopefully we will have it by next Monday so they can be married and baptized on the 25th.
We also have a reference for a little boy who just turned 8.  He is the neighbor of a member. He went to the baptism of the members kid and now he wants to be baptized.   We will go look for him this week and see if we can put a baptism date with him. 
This week we also had a leaders meeting. Of course, they called me to do a little talk thing. So my companion and I talked about the question: How can reactivating and retaining members help us to have more and better baptisms? We, as a mission are working really hard to be able to reactivate and retain and baptize all at once. So this talk was very helpful for me too. We talked about the talk that Elder Utchdorf gave in the conference about Alma and Amulek. It talks about how they were less active but then became great missionaries. We did pretty well I guess!
I learned a lot.
The most exciting announcement I have is that ELDER NEIL L ANDERSON, THE APOSTLE, IS COMING HERE ON TUESDAY AND I AM GOING TO MEET HIM. I am very excited and I will take pictures.

Have a great week!  Love you all!
Hermana Shepherd

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