Saturday, January 7, 2017

Change in assignment

Dear Hermana Shepherd, You have been called to be a Sister Training Leader. This calling will permit you to more fully serve the Lord while you guide the other missionaries in their proselytizing efforts. I am sure you will do your best to magnify this position to serve the Lord during the period of this temporary assignment. Please re-read the leadership section of the Missionary Handbook (pg.63-65). As a Sister Training Leader you are responsible to minister to the sisters in your stewardship and help them achieve success as missionaries and official representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are also responsible to plan and carry-out companionship exchanges with the other sisters and serve as a contributing and valued member of the mission leadership council. In addition, a Sister Training Leader: You should continue to be an exemplary missionary who is very familiar with Preach My Gospel and the prophetic priorities that guide our mission. You are responsible for the training and well-being of the sister missionaries assigned to you, and will serve as a member of the Sisters Security Committee. Maintain your proselytizing area active while you work with the other sisters in their respective areas. Participate in exchanges for 24 hours every six weeks with every companionship assigned to you. You are assigned to a zone or various zones according to the needs of the mission. You will act as a member of a district and zone, and help the mission president, assistants and other leaders in training meetings and zone conferences. Report once a week to President Corbitt and to the assistants. The report is to include any issues, problems or concerns of the sisters. The Sisters of the zone look up to you as a role model of appropriate behavior and demeanor. A missionary who breaks the rules of the mission cannot serve effectively in a position of leadership. Every month the Mission Leadership Council will meet and review the goals and accomplishments of the past month. We will council about the condition of the mission and how we can improve. You should teach the sisters in your area the things that were taught in this meeting. This is a crucial element in the functionality of the mission. You have my full confidence. If you serve with humility, having love for the sisters of your zone while seeking direction from the Lord and his prophets, you will have success. May the Lord bless you as you serve in this assignment. Sincerely, Ahmad S. Corbitt President Santo Domingo East Mission

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