Monday, July 11, 2016

Translating for dentists

This week was so fun!  On Tuesday and Wednesday we got help some dentists from Washington who came on a humanitarian visit to help the people with their dental needs. I helped translate for them!  I think they sent a picture to my mom. (at the bottom on this post)  Anyway , it was cool to see people from my home state. They gave us a bunch of donated clothes and baseball gear to hand out to our investagators. 

There is this group of boys (like ten years old) that we walk past everyday and everyday they are blaying baseball with a stick and a water jug cap. When they see us they run over and try a different ways to be as tall as my companion (who is 6'4). They stand on rocks, fences, etc...  It's quite funny.   We are going to give them some of the baseball gear that we received.  They will be so excited!

We have some really good people that we are teaching right now. One of our investagators just left for EFY, and she will have a baptism date when she gets back. We have another bapstism planned for the 23rd. All is well here is Villa Verde. 

Weird thing. I had three men come up to me and talk to me in English all on the same day at diiferent times. Two were very interested and one came to church!   It feels really awkward when people talk to me in English. I don't like it.  haha!

I am still struggling with ameobas this week and feeling pretty sick.  So thats not fun, but I will be better soon and then we can work really hard!

Love you all! Have a good week!

Hermana Shepherd

Me and Hermana Jackson taken by the dentists from Washington while we were translating

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Unknown said...

Great work! I can't imagine how scary a trip to the dentist would be if I knew I wasn't able to communicate him, even if it were for something noninvasive and simple like Invisalign or something.