Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Baptism in La Ramona

This week was awesome!  We had a baptism for Dinanyiri! She is 15. Her dad is a recent convert. We also put a whole bunch of people on date for this next month. We are working really hard and should have two more baptisms this week. We are finding more and more people everyday that are so prepared for baptism. I am super excited for Veronica to get baptized. She is so adorable. She is in her 50s, and she is so so pumped. 

 Life has been great  here in the DR. I bought another moomoo. You know those nightgown things. They are so cold to sleep in. I love it.  In one of the pictures Hermana Jackson and we are wearing our tubies. EVERYONE uses them here to keep their hair straight and nice. they work really well. 

Hermana Jackson is fantastic. She already knows so much and came to the field ready. We have transfers next week and we are praying that we will stay together. 

One thing that's sad. I can feel my body breaking down from how much its gone through lately. I am so sore all the time. But it's fine. It's normal for this point in the mission. Just keep going :) Also, I have never drank so much water in my entire life.  I always need more.

Anyway. this week was fantastic. I am so excited for the next one. :)

Love you all,
Hermana Shepherd

Our moomoos

Big bug by my bed

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