Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy June!

Hello all!   The time is flying by!

My companion sprained her ankle this last week, so we were in the house a lot and we got to do a lot of studying and listening to talks. It was good. 

Ive noticed... I am a morning person now. If you knew me before the mission you know that I didn't talk to anyone before 10am, but this morning we were on a bus to the capitol at 7 in the morning and I could not stop talking.  I am probably annoying my companion a ton. 

Another thing,  I have perfected the technique of making Dominican rice and beans aka Modo.  Even a Dominican ate it and said it was good. I am basically a professional cook now. PARTY.

I have been studying the book of mormon a lot lot lot this week.  I was also listening to a talk and the speaker said something that I like a lot. He asked "do you believe in the book of Mormon?" Anybody can say yes, but you don't really believe until you "see the teardrops on the plates" Until you can see the agony and the time that went into translating and that every single word in the book of mormon was written for a reason and we need to find that reason. Always we need to search for ways to liken the scriptures unto ourselves and find the meaning in them. Then when we find it, we have to apply it. 

So yeah, this week was really great. I am excited for another one. Les quiero!

Hermana Shepherd

A man we found today walking on stilts in the middle of the road.

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