Monday, May 16, 2016

6 Months :)

Hello all, I will have six months in the mission... WOW.   I can't believe how fast it has gone by.   

I am now in Villa Verde with Hermana Jackson. She is from Idaho and this is her last transfer before she goes home.  She is awesome!  We have been working so hard these past few days and have met a ton of people ready to be baptized. I am super excited for this transfer.   It will be so fun.   This area is perfect.  It's a ward so here so there are tons of people to help us.

Fun fact: I got my first sunburn this week (which is weird)  also super exciting because that means all the other times it just went straight to being a tan. I am very tan, or I mean tanner.  I dont know that I have ever been actually tan... :)

WE FOUND A FAMILY THIS WEEK. They are a husband and wife (not married) and their 5 kids. They are ready to follow what Heavenly Father wants for them!   We are extending a date for baptism the next appointment so I will keep y'all posted. 

Love you all,
Have a good week! Bye!

Hermana Shepherd

Serving a mission in paradise!

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