Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hey Y'all

This week was fantastic!

I have been trying super hard this past week to always have the spirit with me so I can talk through it, and say what I need to in lessons and real life. It's been so great.  I have had a lot of experiences with it this week.

I had tons of experiences to share that were just amazing. 

First, I was in a lesson with our investagador who is actually our teacher, Hermano Cruz.  He was talking about how he hasn't received an answer to his prayers yet and out of nowhere I remembered this scripture that I read one time last week and I knew exactly where it was. How,  you may ask?  The holy ghost brought to my remembrance the things which I had studied.  So that was amazing. After the lesson Hermano Cruz said that he could see the light come on in my face when I realized I knew a perfect scripture for him.   We both were on the verge of crying because the spirit was so strong. That scripture btw is D&C 64:31 - 33. 

Another cool experience that I had was in testimony meeting on Sunday.  While the branch president was talking I felt impressed to open my scriptures. While I was looking at them I saw my tab for Words of Mormon and I thought, I need to read this right now so I read verse 6 and 7.  7 hit me so hard and the spirit told me share it now, so I got up IN TESTIMONY MEETING  and shared this scripture IN SPANISH to the people of my zone. The scripture is Words of Mormon verse 7. 

Funny thing. Yesterday I was talking with Hermano Cruz and he asked me what my favorite book was and I yelled ENOS, but he was actually talking about like non Book of Mormon books.  So that was pretty awkward.

Also, my spirit animal is officially a Fox so that is a thing now.

The food here is getting kinda boring. I eat like two donuts a day so that I can stop losing weight. They eat real spicy food here. 

So if y'all want, you can send emails to this email and I will get it in letter form the same day. I love it when I get things. It makes my day, so send things please. I don't care if it's something super boring its just nice getting things.

days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. 


Hermana Shepherd

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