Thursday, December 17, 2015

Almost Christmas!


I am doing so great!  Next week is our last week in the CCM, so thats pretty sad. I don't want to leave. These people are so fun.  I didn't think a mission could be this fun, but last night I laughed for a solid hour. I'm gonna miss all these people so much. We are already planning a road trip for when we all get home. 

This past Sunday we had the oppertunity to tune in to the dedication of the Tijuana Mexico temple. It was so amazing.  I was so tired and almost fell asleep during the prayer which was no bueno, pero when we sang "The Spirit of God" for the closing himno the curtains were going crazy because of the ''wind.  When we finished and went outside there was no wind at all. Hermana Stockwell and I were saying that it was the angels trying to come in through the window.

I hope this all makes sense and I spelled most everything right.  I'm struggling with English more and more lately. We have been working on solo Espanol for the past week, so if we can say it in Spanish we have to.  It's helping quite a bit.

We started teaching each other in our district as investagadors, and its been quite fun.
The very beginng of each lesson is us trying not to giggle beause we are teaching the people in our class. 

I was asked three times today how my first day at the CCM is going and I'm like it was great, five weeks ago. People don't recognize us because we have the last time to eat every day. 

We are going to the temple on Wednesday, so I'm not sure if pday willl be then or Thursday. We'll see. Anyway, this week has been great. I dont have much because it's mostly the same stuff over and over again everyday.

I am so excited to get out into the field!

Hermana Shepherd

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