Tuesday, October 6, 2015


On Saturday the 19th of September I was able to go through the Seattle Washington Temple with my parents and take out my endowments. Wow. Looking back, I probably should have written this right after so that all the feelings were still with me but oh well. I will just start from the beginning.

A few weeks prior to going through the temple, I had my temple recommend interviews with my homeward bishop and the stake president. Can I just say that I am so grateful for my bishop and his care for me. I could listen to his wisdom for hours. Both bishop and the stake president gave me a little walk-through of what would happen in the temple during my interview, so that I wouldn't be too overwhelmed. It did help a little but I still wish that I would have taken some temple prep classes.

So the day of my Endowment my Parents and little brother, Tayson, drove over to Seattle and spent a while in Deseret book getting all the things I needed. then we Headed to the temple. My actual session started at 2 but we needed to be there a couple hours early so that I could have time to get ready and do Inititories. So my Mother and I went in and started that and my Dad took Tayson out to lunch and then met us later during the session. After a little my mom and I parted so that I could do intitories. the next time I saw her I walked into a little room where she was sitting and another girl with her mother was there. The room was so so beautiful and the second I saw my mom I started crying. We sat in that room for a little bit and talked to a very kind lady and were able to ask any questions that we had so far. Then we moved on into the session.

The second the session started, I felt clear and peaceful. The whole thing took about two hours and then we ended it all in the celestial room. Wow I have never been in such a pristine room in my life, everything was perfect. I do not remember having any questions, I just wanted to sit and feel the power that the temple had.

Once we were ready to leave my helper showed us to the dressing rooms and my mother and I parted again. On the way to my stall I passed by a mirror and glanced over. I took a double take and just stopped. I looked so beautiful and had never felt so amazing in my whole life. I was literally glowing.

Once we were back in our street clothes we met up with Tayson who was sitting in the car for entire session. Then we went around the temple and took some pictures.

The temple was 10/10, Would recommend

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