Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Hey guys, I've decided that I will need a blog while I am on my mission so that everyone can keep track of me. In case you didn't know, I got my mission call today and I was able to open it with all of my close family members either on skype or over a phone call. It was such a blessing to have them there to support me during this nerve-wracking day. I had been waiting and waiting for my call for what seemed like months (it was only 23 days) and was ecstatic when it finally arrived this afternoon.

If any of you guys are planning to or want to serve a mission, AWESOME! But I do have a some advice for what little I have experienced with my upcoming mission. First, for girls, FINDING MISSION CLOTHES IS HARD. Especially if you aren't looking in the Salt Lake area. I got most of the things that I have so far from Seagull Book, Mikarose, Ross, and Target. (Mikarose is my fave, its in the university mall in Provo. It does a few things online, but be aware of the price BEFORE you fall in love with anything there.) If you are able, keep 95% of your shopping till after you have your call. There are probably a few items that I bought that will be wayyy too hot for the Caribbean. 

Second, be getting to know your way around the scriptures way before you even think about going on a mission. I feel like I know next to nothing about the gospel and I am kicking myself for not paying attention in seminary. Another thing that helps immensely, study the scriptures with a buddy every once in a while. It can help you find new insights that you probably wouldn't have thought of. Its great to study the scriptures but if you haven't read the Book of Mormon like you were reading a regular book I would strongly suggest that you do it. I feel that its easier to understand the story line when read as if it were harry potter or your favorite book. As a kid, my family never read together or learned the stories of the Book of Mormon and I still don't know them all too well.

 A third piece of my seemingly obvious advice is that before you open your call, like a half an hour before, go to your room ALONE and say a prayer out loud while kneeling before Lord. Then watch the conference talk by Ronald A. Rasband called "The Divine Call of a Missionary." It is a brilliant talk explaining the process of how the apostles are guided by inspiration to call you where the Lord wants you. After this, read your favorite talks, quotes, scriptures, whatever inspires you the most. Then go write in your journal. It could be about whatever you want, how you feel, where you think you are going, how many tacos you think you can eat? Really write anything. Then go open your call.

When I opened my call, I got about five words in before I got all chocked up and sounded like a dying seal. Then my eyes glanced just one line down to see the word Dominican and I laughed. All of my guesses where the opposite of the Dominican Republic but in that moment I felt that out of everywhere, I was meant to go there. I laughed because I had that Duh feeling that of course I was going there why didn't I think of that before? After I got enough of my voice under control, I was able to say out loud that I would be spending the next 18 months of my life in the DR. if you listen close enough to the video that I will somehow attach you can hear my mom squeak as I say it.

 Okay, back to the advice part: After all the chaos and tears from your mom, go write again in your journal. Remember that one that you wrote about tacos in, write in it again. Write your feelings on where your going, your first reaction, the spirit you felt.

For those of you that would like to see it here is a link to the video of me opening my call.

This link right here

I am going to try to post fairly often with interesting things that I find in my studies or maybe just general life. Now, I am off to look up the DR on google again because I'm not sure what to do next. 


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Jordan said...

This is great Britt, so fun to read about your quirky thoughts, we love your cute personality and are looking forward to keeping up with your adventures on the mission. Keep us posted. Let the spirit guide you and you will find the golden ones.
Grandpa and Grandma Leavitt