Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Conference was amazing!!

General Conference was amazing!  My favorite was the Sunday afternoon session, but really they were all so good!

I really liked the talk by Gary B. Sabin.   It was quite funny and had a good message. I don't have my notes with me so I invite you all to watch all of the conference talks. I am really excited to print some off next week when the become available. I hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did and came away with some answers to your questions.

At the end of this conference I think we can all come away with three important concepts.
1. Who is our Heavenly Father?
2. How can I strengthen my testimony?
3. How can we help with the work?

I know that every word said in General Conference is the word of God and by living these principles taught, we can be made clean and worthy to live in the presence of our heavenly father again. I especially like the last question a lot.  How can we help with the work?  I have one way.  I would like to invite you all to make a goal to go to the temple at least one time every month.

Also, I have a super exciting invitation. This Easter the church has a really good video about Jesus. 
Here is the link

Share this with everyone with a testimony about our savior, Jesus Christ. You will be blessed and our lost bretheren around us will be blessed as well. Who knows, maybe through you they will be able to find the truth and happiness of God. 

Hermana Shepherd

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