Thursday, November 26, 2015

First week CCM (MTC)

HOLA, so I have been at the CCM (MTC) for one week now and everything is awesome. the spirit is amazing here. Its so pretty in the little compound thing that we are in. It is kind of like a utopia. Think of the movie The Giver and their community and its basically like that with all missionaries

I taught my first lesson to and investagador on Friday all in Spanish and it went super well and the spirit was there. His name is David and we taught him five times and then we had to move on but he is getting baptized on the 15th!! lol jk. He is an actor. He will be our teacher but we arent supposed to know that. On our last lesson we were able to teach him without any notes and he said that he understood everything so that great. The gift of tounges is a real thing and I am for sure feeling it. In our last lesson with David I bore my testimony and the words just flew out of me (in Spanish) I was using words that I used years ago in high school that I didnt even remember I knew. it was so spiritual. wow. just wow. I love this gospel so much and it is so true.

Mi compañera is Hermana Stockwell. She is so cute. She also went to BYUI but we never actually saw each other there. She is serving her mission in California. We live with two other hermanas in our room in our casa. Their names are Hermana Pebbles y Hermana Amos. They are also super fun. I met Hermana Pebbles just minutes before we got on the plane to Mexico City. We were both so worried that we wouldn't find any other missionaries. So it was just us.

We have cinco Elders in our district along with us four Hermanas. they are Elders Brayton ( which sounds so close to Brittin I always look when someone says it), Elder Shelton, Elder Eager, Elder Stradling,  y Elder Burnthorn. They are so fun but I think they are starting to get annoyed with us laughing so much. Esta bien. I will try to attach some pictures that 
I took today but I still have to figure out how with this we will see. 

The food here is pretty okay. I feel a bit sick today but it will all be good soon. nbd. I am learning Spanish so quickly,  I can understand about 75% of the things people say to me and I can reply probaby 20 % of the time with real Spanish words and not just huh? I am seriously already forgetting English. I say things and I am like what? How do I English this sentence? 

Anyway, this place is great and I honestly never want to leave.

Hermana Shepherd

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